There is a better way

It is quite a realization when one looks at the healthcare insurance industry and looks at the manual processes that are present today. Whether it is paper or paperless medical records present in any healthcare organization – the question one has to ask is their purpose.

Is the purpose of the medical record is to determine appropriate care?

Is the purpose of the medical record to approve or deny a claim?

Is the purpose of the medical record to get a second opinion?

The answer to the above and many more related question is “Yes” but only if one is able to review and understand 100s or 1000s of medical records for a specific patient. Suddenly the realization kicks in. It will take forever to make sense of these records if they were not organized and summarized.

This is where the discipline of medical record management plays a key role in reducing the inefficiencies that exist in the healthcare industry – more specifically in the Insurance, Claims and Legal workflows associated with the healthcare industry.

Traditionally this has been done using manual effort with a significant amount of time and effort associated with organization and summation.

Is there a better way? Yes. Now there is.

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