Automation and Insights

Platform Solutions by industry

We are driven to build platforms and solutions that give our clients the insights they need to lead in their segments.

Insurance – Commercial – Workers Comp, Auto and Liability Payors

With constant pressure to innovate and reduce processing costs, with our solutions – insurers are looking at process automation from a new perspective. Every interaction, every record, every process is an opportunity to innovate. Our Insurance solutions are built on an A2I platform – Automation To Innovation Platform. Ask us how we can turn your data into your gold mine of insights.

Third Party Administrators

With a focus on driving value in the claims administration process, TPAs are partnering with us to seek out insights in the claims management workflow. Claims process with medical record management integration creates insights into opportunities for efficiency and waste reduction, process re-modelling as well as drive value for their clients with A2I platform.

Brokers – IME, Disability, MSA and Bill Review

When it comes to driving service excellence, our focus on quality and turn-around time is achieving amazing results in our partnerships. Across various verticals – IME, Disability or MSAs, Bill Reviews etc. – our services in medical record management, image sharing, scheduling or process automation have created cost efficiencies for our partners as well as improved their promise of service excellence.

Law Firms

Record reviews from our physician and clinical staff help the law firms get focused answers to their questions and prepare them for the depositions. We partner with you to give the attorneys custom solutions that suit their specific needs – from how they would want medical records organized, analyzed and reviewed. They can also utilize our platform to search medical records for insights.

Healthcare – Health Systems and Providers

Healthcare providers and Health systems have a gold mine of data to help their patients achieve better health outcomes. This requires timely and insight based.

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We believe in strong partnerships with our clients. That is how we bring innovation to you.

Our Services

Whether it is reducing claims cycle, increasing efficiency or reducing operational expense, our service solutions create value and transformative insights for our partners and clients.

Medical Record Management

We are changing the lifecycle of medical records in the insurance industry. From how they are retrieved, stored, organized and summarized, DocGiant A2I platform is making the medical records comes alive. Whether you are currently stuck with paper or store your records electronically – you can see the power or liveDocs A2I platform in action. Ask us how we can cut down the time it takes your team to seek the answers by more than 80%.

Clinical Summary

Given the need to consume significant amount of medical record content, physicians are faced with a challenge to spend hours reading through all the medical records or have to pick a few key records limiting their ability to have a longitudinal view of the patients medical history. DocGiant offers a solution where using our platform, the physicians, peer review providers, IME providers can now consume all the relevant medical data provided to them in their custom format. Attorneys love our service because they are able to view relevant medical content, prescription data as well as identify missing providers.

Workers Compensation

When it comes to workers compensation claims management, we help our adjusters and brokers with multiple services focused on helping employees get back to work faster. Whether it is scheduling IME or diagnostic exams, or management of medical records or getting the IME/Peer review reports done – we work with our partners to get a quality result in the most expedient fashion possible. Ask us for how we can help reduce the time it takes while upholding to the highest industry standards.

Legal Solutions

Our Legal solutions include all the services our law clients need to reduce the time it takes to get to the knowledge and information they are looking for. To unlock the time saving potential, our solutions will chronologically organize all of the medical records, do a summary on the same and we can also offer you a complete record review analysis. Think of the possibilities if we could do this for any case (large or small) all within hours rather than days. We enable you to accomplish more with your day – every single day.

Analytics and Insights

What if it was possible? What if you could identify fraud while reviewing the claim? What if you could understand the claim timeline in a visual way? These and many more questions that our clients have – we are enabling them to answer those questions with their data. DocGiant continues to create Machine Learning algorithms to create insights and make those insights very accessible to all stakeholders. We consider this as just the beginning. Ask us to get started.

Project Execution

We believe all of our clients are unique with each having their distinct strengths. We enable our clients strength by tailoring our platform and technology to enable their specific workflows. Why settle for less? The A2I platform helps you enable the core of your business the way you want it. Our global talent team will tailor the platform and customize it for your needs. No one else in this industry has built a more flexible platform that can be modified to your requirements.  We have and we will be happy to make it work for you.